Without Trouble Check And Manage Your Personal Finances Without Downloading Software

Some are not aware know that one can manage and check their finances directly online. It’s part of an effort by the computing technology industry to implement a fairly new form of computing in which you don’t have to have any application software on your system.This idea was encouraged several years ago by Sun Micro System Inc. and it is called thin client computing. Your personal computer acts like a terminal instead of a computer. It interacts with a program that is running on a web server rather than on your machine. With thin client computing, you can use any program service on the internet and not have to buy expensive software.With Ease Over See Online FinancesOnline personal finances services follow the thin client paradigm. Your browser serves as a graphics user interface, accepting, receiving, and displaying data and graphics. The information bits is sent and received to and from web servers, the site where the program that’s managing your session resides and runs. All computation is done on the server side. Your machine just displays and receives input. Therefore, this means that your data is also stored on the server rather than on your machine. For services offering management of personal finances on the web, this can be a dubious proposition. It’s important that you safeguard your identity and download tax documents for later use.The current premiere example of an online personal finances service is Quicken Online. It uses categories to group your online transactions which you setup. For convenience, one can add more or deleted categories. You can add, delete and edit transactions, which will be either of the expense or the income kind. You can then view charts for a rapid view of your income and expense performance. This is a fee based system that costs you only a few dollars each month.Mint.com, for another example, is offering an online personal finances service that allows you to track your expenses and income. As of this writing, this service was free. When you join, you are asked to give a user name and a password that you will use to access your accounts. You setup for the capture of your online transactions and these are stored for you on the servers. For convenience sake, each transaction has a category, and Mint.com uses these categories to offer you deals – they’ve got to make money too. For example, if you have a transaction under the telephone category, Mint.com suggests some deals for phone services. These deals are supposed to help you save money. One can even purchase bank checks over the internet at big savings over what a financial institution would charge; about 50%. For many people, this may be irritating, but you can put up with a little irritation for a free service like this, can’t you?Many other online services for personal finances have appeared since the feasible thin client computing concept was invented. One can even pay bills online. Your personal data is captured, so be aware what safeguards are in place to ward off any prying eyes. It’s great freedom to have an online alternative. What is fantastic, you don’t need to download any programs!No matter what service you need in for financial management. You can even order checks on line over the internet and have a 50% savings. The process to order checks online is quicker than driving to the local bank and ordering, plus there are more choices.

Indian Online Finance Community – Challenges and Precautions

Security is one of the key requirements by financial customers today as they increasingly use the Internet to not only manage their financial transactions online but also to buy different financial products. Online finance community is the buzz word of the young Indians. With the increased per capita income and shortage of time, people are now preferring purchase through online mode. Swiping a credit card has become a common phenomenon. In such a scenario, banks and other financial institutions should invest in and promote the security of their online websites stand to differentiate themselves from their competitors and win more customers. The rapid growth in online phishing along with identity scams and increasing regulatory pressure has ensured that security is a critical concern among the online finance community in India.Day by day banks are exploring a variety of online security threats. The key ones among them are phishing, keyboard logging and man-in-the-middle who have emerged as serious threats over the last 18 months. The interesting part of this security story is that these threats are something that the customer must protect themselves against and requires a lot of customer education and financial literacy. When a bank realises that there is a phishing attack; there is enough possibility that some of the customers would have already been affected by this . There are a number of solutions available to prevent each of the above mentioned threats and it is important that the banks implement them as soon as possible to make the online finance community more secured.Apart from phishing, the other disruptive threats that affecting the Indian online finance community are spamming, virus infusion and Trojans. These threats have been there for a long time but cannot be ignored. The spectrum of affected areas by these threats range from identity theft of bank’s online customers to loss of transactional integrity for online deposits and withdrawals. There a number of attacks associated with Indian online finance community which require large investments and may not be justifiable with the customer base of some banks. As a matter of fact, there are many banks who are willing to compensate for the fraud losses but not picking up a solution to prevent the same.The online finance community’s need for security policy must be continuously monitored and updated as a result of newer security threats. This constant updation is required because the bank has to continuously evaluate the risks, the cost of technology solutions and even the upgradation. Then it gets all the more challenging due to a variety of technological solutions available in the market, each addressing one or the other problem but none offering a one-stop solution. A number of online banking users are unaware regarding types of threats they face online and the precautions that they must take to counter them. Hence, financial literacy is a must for the Indian online finance community. The customer education becomes a key element to prevent the manifestation of a number of risks associated with these frauds.The growth of online finance community also depends a great deal on the customer-targeted communication from the banks to alleviate the fears of all these above risks. The experienced eyes of an Internet-savvy can detect potential phishing attempts when compared with a customer comfortable with the traditional mode. The beginners or users who have started adopting online banking do not continue to use them if they are struck by a fraud or attempts of fraud. This is due to the fact that their confidence on such a channel is drastically reduced and fall back on the traditional modes of banking. Hence, to conclude, the regulatory bodies should enforce online security norms,and reward initiative and innovation from the banking and IT communities.

Branding a Game Company

You can’t be everything to everyone. We are all uniquely different. Think of a close friend. What feelings come to mind? What words describe that friend? Now, think of another friend. What feelings come to mind? I bet you had distinctive feelings for both friends. That’s their brand.Brands are like people. They take on personality traits and we like those traits or we don’t.This means you are a brand. You evoke certain feelings when people think of you. The entirety of who you are, is your brand. Your beliefs, likes, dislikes, attitude, personality, style, etc. are all things that create you. These same things make up a company brand.We all have distinct feelings about each of the top ten brands in 2009. Some brands you know better than others; some brands you like better than others. It’s no different than friends compared to acquaintances. Being everyone’s best friend is being no one’s best friend.Building a brand for a game company is the same as for a car company, beverage company, restaurant, or any business. The major game companies don’t need a lesson in the importance of branding–they already spend millions a year doing it. That’s why their games sell so well. Consumers know their product. We know what to expect from a game with the EA logo on it.When your target audience sees your game with your logo, do they know what to expect? They should. A company name should sell itself. That’s the power of a brand.Your company needs to have a brand as much as you need to have a personality. It doesn’t matter how big or small: a one man show or a thousand man spectacle. You need a brand.Your customers will develop feelings about your company based on points of contact. These experiences can be influenced or the chips can fall where they may. There are brands that people want to evangelize and tell their friends about. That brand makes a top ten list. That’s a brand you want. That brand didn’t happen by accident.A strong brand allows for competition on more than price. Competing on price is the weakest competitive advantage. Anyone can lower prices until they go out of business. That’s not smart business. Smart businesses create their own market with few competitors. You can’t achieve this without a brand.thatgamecompany, the makers of the popular flOw, has a distinct brand. Their games are truly unlike any others in the industry. Their games won’t be a fit for everyone and that’s okay. They call their games “core games”. They are in their own market with few competitors.So how do you build a brand and benefit from it? First, your company needs to know Who am I?You have an identity. The people who make up your company have an identity. What are they? What makes you tick? What makes your employees tick? Why are you in business? What do you do? Why do you wake up every day? What is your passion? What do you offer your customers?Don’t try to hide your identity. It is a fools errand to pretend being someone else. Take the example of Superman and Clark Kent in their quest for Lois Lane’s affection.Clark Kent hides his identity. He pretends to be someone else. He is not a run-of-the-mill small town boy looking to make it in the big city. Clark fails miserably to court Lois. On the other hand, Superman knows who he is. He doesn’t hide his otherworldly origin or his super powers. He saves people from danger because he believes he should. It’s not an act, it’s who he is. Superman wins.Clark Kent and Superman are exactly the same person. One is true to himself and the other is not. A brand that attracts people is like Superman.A small game company with a few employees should not be ashamed of being small. That is who you are. Don’t pretend to be bigger. You cannot build a brand on a foundation of lies.A large game company shouldn’t pretend to be an indie shop. It isn’t you. People will see right through it. No one likes a liar. No one wants to do business with a liar.The goal of a brand is not to be a fit to everyone. Not a single successful brand does that. Successful brands are like successful people. They know who they are and believe in their work. People are attracted to them because they are real. Not everyone will like them but, those who do will make a real connection. That’s a fan for life. Lifetime profitability is the lifeblood of long term success.Every point of contact with customers need to be congruent with your brand. The only way to do that is to be able to communicate who you are to your employees. Your brand starts with your employees. You can’t communicate that you are a friendly, loving, smile-flashing company and have employees who are rude to customers.The people responsible for direct interaction with customers should exemplify your brand. If your brand is fun, social, helpful, and out-going then you need people who have those qualities. Best Buy’s Geek Squad needs technology and gadget lovers working for them or there will be a brand disconnect.The quickest way to communicate your brand to employees and customers is with a tagline.A good tagline is essential. Potential customers should know what you do and who you are in a blink of an eye. Your tagline needs to tell them everything they need to know in a few words. A tagline is like a signature, it should be distinctive. Once you come up with a good tagline, use it on everything. There is no point in having a tagline if you aren’t going to use it.Take the time and effort to come up with a great tagline. It may seem useless to put so much effort on a few words but, you need those magical words that eloquently consolidates everything you are. It’ll help keep everyone in the company focused and on the same page. That is priceless.Everything about your company needs to be congruent with your brand: company logo, mission, employee attitudes, website, advertising, story, etc. All of it. Every inch of your company needs to reflect your brand.Building a brand takes time and effort. Two people can’t become great friends in one sitting. It takes a series of meetings, activities, conversations, cups of coffee, pints of beer, etc. Every contact builds the relationship. Every contact provides more information about each other. Showing up as a different person at each contact will never create a strong relationship. Building a brand is like building a friendship.Brands are like people.