Private Financing For Your Real Estate Investments

Flipping houses for fun and profit? THE BAD NEWS (For Some): The inventory of houses that are available for purchase is at an all time high. These houses range from older homes that may need remodeling to new or almost new homes. This situation has been created by: 1) The previous several years of selling and financing homes for buyers who could not afford them, resulting in record foreclosures at an all time high. And in addition, 2) The present unemployment situation has forced many people to give up their homes to move to lesser expensive lodging, and in extreme cases, resulting in homelessness.THE GOOD NEWS(For Others): Anytime there is a situation as described above, it is bad news for many people. Conversely, at the same time, it is good news for others because of the opportunities created by the particular situation – In this case, INVESTING IN HOUSING.Because of the glut inventory of product (houses) available, prices are down from the previous market period; the old “Supply and Demand” syndrome. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, etc. to make profits by taking advantage of these favorable circumstances.So, let’s assume you are or would like to be one of those who takes advantage of the situation. You have some experience in residential housing or you have a mentor to help you make good decisions whenever you may be buying, selling, and/or rehabbing houses.There are basically two types of investors who would be interested in the housing market:1. Those who buy for resale later at a profit (hopefully) or,
2. Those who buy to hold for rental income.Of course an investor could, and many do, fill both roles.Now, let’s assume you have the knowledge, experience or mentorship to become involved in the housing market that we are discussing. One more thing we need is the funds necessary to buy, fix-up if necessary, and sell the houses. Also, if you intend to hold houses for rental income, you will need long term financing. So, if you have funds of your own, good credit with banks and other commercial lenders, you are all set, as long as they are lending. But what if you don’t have your own funds, and you don’t have good credit, or for whatever reason you are unable to obtain institutional funding? What to do then? Even if you do have good credit with the banks, that could change tomorrow with the whim of the banks and/or government.Therefore, let’s consider your options: What if you could create a scenario where in you could conduct unlimited business in this and other markets, and not have to contend with banks and other institutional lenders? What if you could depend on always having financing available, short term and long term, even if your credit was not that great?Well, you know what? You can do that! How can you do that? With Private Financing. This Private Financing will be from Private Investors and individuals who are looking for better and safer investments than they now have access to.These posts are the opinion of the author who is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or investment advice. If such advice is required or desired, the services of competent professional persons should be sought.

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